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The Song of the Lion

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Nickelback Doing ZZ Top's Sharped Dressed Man May. 28th, 2007 @ 04:38 pm

My Guitar :) Sep. 5th, 2006 @ 11:48 pm
My Guitar...Finally and its mine all mine. ;)

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Feb. 5th, 2006 @ 11:13 pm
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30 Seconds to Mars Monday November 28 at the Axis Forth Worth Dec. 4th, 2005 @ 11:22 pm
I finally got this thing done. I have been so busy this week. I have not been able to concentrate on getting it done. I decided I had better go ahead and do it before I forget to much of it.

Alot of the Echelon gals on my list have read this but I am posting it for others and for my own personal bloggin records

The BeginingCollapse )

30 Seonds to Mars on stageCollapse )

Song SetCollapse )
Tomo is so smoldering hot he deserves a special cut all his ownCollapse )
After the show.Collapse )

30 Seconds to Mars Pics from Buzz Fest 2005 Nov. 13th, 2005 @ 04:20 pm
Here are some pics we took at Buzz Fest of Thirty Second to Mars: I included pics of my daughter with the members excpet for Matthew. He did not come put for piccies so don't have any of him. ;( boo hoo.

Jared Leto:Collapse )

Shannon LetoCollapse )

Matthew WatcherCollapse )

Tomo King of the Universe and oh yes all of Croatia tooCollapse )
Other entries
» Buff Chad
I was looking through my Chad pics and I found this one. Doesn't he seem extra buff in this one? It was from before he cut his hair. So its a few years old.
Nice Biceps *nibble*


Buff ChadCollapse )
» Buzz Fest 2005
Here are my Nickeback Photos from seeing and meeting them this past Saturday...

Also photos of Timmy, Chads Guitar tech stringing tuning their guitars.

And in the air the fireflies, our only light in paradise...Collapse )
» Buzz Fest 2005 Report
Here is the long arse report...

Well, doors sometimes close, but then God, (the Force or someone) opens a window....

Ye all heard the bads new about Autumn and I losing our pit 1 Tickets for BuzzFest because of the venue change.....In case you did not...Buzz fest was supposed to be at minute maid park this past Saturday. But they moved it to Cynthia Woods and voided everyones tickets so we had to go rebuy. And pit tickets were all sold out before we could get them. so the tickets we got were not very good. But we still got in I guess.
We almost did not want to go...

Well, we might forgive the Astros.....a little now anyway. since it all went better than we anticpated...LOL

The beginingCollapse )

30 Seconds to Mars showCollapse )

Meeting 30 Seconds to MarsCollapse )

Meeting NickelbackCollapse )

Nickelback ConcertCollapse )
» To Crystal the gal I stood in line with to get Nickelback Autographs!
Hey this is Maevey. In case you make it here to this site.

I really enjoyed hanging out waiting for autographs from Nickelback and yapping with about them.

I hope you got all the pics you wanted. It was nice to meet you!!

OMG Can you believe we actually got to meet them?.. squee..

Are you still as excited as I am.. ;)

Nice to have met your mom too. She was really cool!! ;)

» One More Set.. Ryan and Chad Nekkid!!
Chad and Ryan....Nekkid. this way...Collapse )
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